The state of me


Rocky Mountains, Colorado. I don’t live there — yet.

I live in the Midwest

I am a woman of middle age — if I live to be 90, of course.

I follow the Middle Way.

I am in the middle of parenthood: my youngest girl rides a big yellow bus to elementary school; my oldest daughter is in college and finding her way in the world.

Politically speaking, I’m a middle-of-the-road kind of voter.

I’m a member of the shrinking, struggling American middle class.

Astrologically speaking, I am a Libra, a balance seeker. I’m all about peace and harmony and equality. Most of the time I cannot make up my mind about anything.

My mid-section is expanding with the passage of time. To fight it I run and lift weights at the gym, ride my bike anywhere and everywhere for as long and far as I can, walk when I can, and try to eat properly. Results vary from day-to-day.

I’ve found a new sense of peace in middle age: I’m on the lookout for signs and gifts from the Universe. She’s right there, looking out for all of us, if only we can open our eyes and hearts.

I used to say I was dwelling in a space between career and home. Now I know I’m on a journey. This is where I chronicle the stops along the way.

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