Trouble in Blogville

This is what happens when you decide to save money on a decorator and do it yourself.

First, you try to update your existing blog template and end up taking out a load-bearing wall. Oops.

Next, you decide to pack up and move to an apartment while the repairs are under way.

At the walk-through, you fall in love with scenic view, the simplicity of the layout,  and the freedom and flexibility to upgrade and redecorate. So, in a moment of passion, you sign the lease.

On the big day, you slide the key into the lock, turn the knob and step into your new home and — it’s all wrong.

Somehow the great view was a trick. The mountain vista is really a pile of trash covered in moss.  None of the outlets or appliances work. The doors stick. The landlord won’t return your calls.

You’ve invested money in custom paint, rugs and window treatments.

So, you have a dilemma: Don’t unpack, cut your losses and keep looking for a new home, or make the best of it, hire a professional to fix the problems.

I’ll be deciding in the next week whether to stay or go. Bear with me here.

On a related note, there is also some trouble with the phone lines in Blogville.

I’m unable to comment on some of my favorite blogs because the comment system locks me out.

In one case,  I don’t know what the frick is wrong. I’ve upgraded my site, made adjustments, and so have they. Yet, my words are trapped in some comment limbo.

Some of it is my doing. I have three Google e-mails. So, if I comment using the Google/Blogger ID system, I’ll be identified either as MOM without the accompanying URL link to explain it is MomZombie and not the woman who gave birth to you, or MY REAL NAME (not an option and you still wouldn’t know it’s me), or a string of numbers that will make no sense to anyone outside my family.

For whatever reason, I cannot comment using the Open ID system or by selecting WordPress. There aren’t enough hours in the day to resolve these issues.

The best way for me to comment on a Blogger blog is to select the NAME/URL option, which many of you provide as an option. Thank you. Whether or not you want to adjust this for little ol’ me is up to you. But consider this: There may be others out there who love your blog, too, but cannot comment due to these restrictions. And you may not know it unless they take the time to send you an e-mail or a message through Twitter.

So, there it is. There are bugs in the walls. There are leaks in the pipes. Yet, in spite of all these inconveniences I keep blogging.

I must be crazy.

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Why no post? A top 10 list

In the spirit of David Letterman, who seems to be embroiled in a bit of scandal, I offer you my Top 10 reasons why I haven’t been and may not be posting much in the next week or so:

10. The default font on my WordPress theme makes my eyes cross.

9. Our household Internet service is like Montgomery Burns: slow, spotty and ruthless.

8. The cat keeps jumping on the keyboard and hitting the delete key.

7. My drafts folder is brimming with half-written posts but none ready to go.

6. My youngest has started preschool, which gives me a few hours a week of me time. When she is home, she wants all of me, too. Not conducive to blogging.

5. My oldest is going to homecoming this weekend and the planning is endless.

4. Both a door knob and a window crank on our house have broken simultaneously, coinciding with the recent drop in temperature. Neither of these original hardware items in our 68-year-old home can be fixed quickly or affordably.

3. I have members of  a committee coming to my house in two days to inspect it as part of an application process I am in. I am on a cleaning and organizing frenzy. Not sure how to steer attention away from open, broken window.

2. My childcare for the week is mostly nonexistent.

1. I have found temporary work, which is my No. 1 priority.

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