Glad I didn't NaBloPoMo this month

Why I’m not posting as much:

1. Our Internet service is on. Then it’s off. Then it’s back on again. Then it’s on but really, really slow.  What’s up with that, Wide Open West?

2. My free, uninterrupted time is on. Then it’s off. Then it’s back on again for a second. Then it’s off. By the time I have free time again, I’m really, really slow.

3. All my good post ideas come to me at the most inappropriate moments. One day, I wrote the idea in pen on my bare thigh. Another day, I scribbled it with my right hand while my left hand steered the car down the expressway. Another day I tried to write a post on toilet paper.  I  can’t figure out what “whe whit xhxik. shee. I hoo gon tably aa vaie” means.  I’m sure it’s something brilliant.

4. Lately, I’d rather be trying to reverse the signs of aging with restorative sleep and reverse the effects of eating with heavy-duty exercise. Also, I have a lot of stuff simmering on the back burners but lack the cojones to publish. Maybe soon.

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