Weeds & 'Weeds'

The husband half of this relationship has been out-of-town covering a convention for the last week. So, it’s been baby girl and me putzing around the property.
Mainly, she’s playing and I’m pulling and endless array of weeds poking up everywhere. We had our play dates, our time in the pool, at the park, visitors and trips to the library. And now it’s back to the weed pulling. Between weed wrestling, I watched the lawn sprinkler go back and forth, back and forth, while the hands travel slowly around the clock face until it’s time for baby girl to go to bed.
Perhaps there’s a connection between the sprinkling and the weeding? There was a time in my life when I yearned for this lifestyle. And it’s not all bad. Let me repeat: It’s not all bad.
I sat up late every night watching “Weeds” seasons I and II on DVD. I can’t get enough of that show. I’ve seen every episode countless times and I never tire of it. Why? Well, it all started with five or six random strangers telling me I looked like Mary-Louise Parker. (They used to say I looked like Elizabeth Perkins in her “Big” era). Both Parker and Perkins star in “Weeds.” That piqued my curiousity.

I don’t really think I do, but hey, I’m not going to argue with random compliments. Curiosity is a gateway addiction. After a few episodes of “Weeds”, I was hooked. For the uninitiated, “Weeds” has nothing to do with unwanted garden plants. These plants are very much wanted. And, if you grow them, you are wanted.
Part of the draw is the characters, which are all fantastically played by a cast of top-rate actors. The writing is smart. Plus, I love looking at the way the characters dress, the way their homes are decorated, and how they drop those F bombs left and right. Oh, love the little fantasy world that plays out over and again on the TV screen. A little fantasy to forget sometimes about the real weeds poking up through the concrete jungle.