What would Jason and Grant do?


Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal activity?

The older I get, the harder it is for me to answer no to that question. Part of me feels downright silly typing this post. But that other part of me — the one that is preoccupied with this ongoing situation — feels the need to get it in writing.

Maybe then I’ll see how silly it is and move on. Maybe a reader will be able to debunk all these incidents and I can sleep through the night. Maybe Jason and Grant will put me on their Sci-Fi Channel show.  

I think something is haunting our cabin in the woods.

For the record, I’m not the only one who has had experiences in and around the property, which is far enough removed from civilization to be considered isolated. Years ago, a relative of mine reported seeing ghostly figures in the form of soldiers moving through the woods to the west of the cabin. In fact, just about every odd occurrence outdoors there has happened in those west woods. Another relative swears she heard a disembodied voice whisper her name.

Recently, the activity levels have increased. Odd things. Little things. If only one of them happened, I’d dismiss it. But string them together and it’s unsettling. 


The radio: Upon our arrival a few summers ago, we suspected our radio/CD player batteries were dead. We popped them in and pressed play, twisted the tuner back and forth across the AM-FM spectrum and nothing. We pulled out and reinserted the batteries to make sure they were in properly. Nothing. We added eight D batteries to our shopping list and headed into town for provisions.

When we returned and killed the car engine, we heard the most godawful sound emanating from the cabin, a sort of country music wailing accented with static and station fade. It was loud. My husband, Girl from the West and I looked at one another with confusion and worry. Was someone in there? Were we being “Punk’d”?

We examined the radio.The batteries were in just as we had placed them earlier. The radio was in the same place on the table. After a moment of wonder, we dismissed it as a case of defective batteries.

Later that weekend another electronic item inside the cabin went off  without provocation. Again, it could be faulty equipment.

The flying objects: Last summer, as I was relaxing after dark on our screened porch at the back of the cabin, I heard what sounded like a bunch of spice bottles toppling on the shelf over the stove. I went in, shined the flashlight around and couldn’t find anything out of order. 

When I went to bed later that night,  I drifted off only long enough to be jarred wake by a cardboard box being tossed to the concrete floor. This was not a gentle tumble prompted by a breeze or the toppling over of an imbalanced object. We all leaped out of bed and began examining the area, attempting to explain how a box on a solid surface, nowhere near an open window, could be thrown to the floor. Our only theory: mice. Some body-building, steroid-addicted mice.

The door: Sometimes late at night, the heavy front door shifts for no apparent reason. It makes a sound like someone or something is leaning against it. Wind? Animals? I don’t know. I’m not willing to hang around in the dark outside to find out.

Let me point out a few things:

There is no electrical service to the cabin. No electricity source nearby. So, no EMFs to mess with the central-nervous system. This is a common explanation in many suspected hauntings.

We may have mice, I mean what deep-woods cabin doesn’t? But not so many that we ever see signs of them. No droppings. No gnawed food boxes or bags. We have found bats in the fireplace. But a bat knocking over a box would still be a bat in the cabin and it would not escape our attention.

I’ve checked the ground for tracks or footprints around the cabin after an incident. I’ve not found any.

This summer I returned with The Atlantic Paranormal Society approach. I sat up late into the night. I kept a small light nearby. I even had a camera handy but not a lot of motivation to use it. I waited and waited. 

Nothing. Both nights were deafeningly silent.

On the last day, as we were cleaning and packing we stepped outside to take a break. I mentioned to my husband that maybe we had finally debunked all the weird activity. I told him how I invited something to happen on both nights, invoked the ghost to show itself, send a sign, and nothing happened.

He listened. He made no comment, just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. 

Within moments of those words coming out of my mouth there came a heavy crash followed by a cracking sound from the west side of the cabin. We thought a limb had broken free from a large tree and struck a window. My husband ran to the west side of the cabin. When he came back, he walked slowly. He had on his serious face. 

“You just had to open your mouth and say it,  didn’t you?” he said.

I stood up and ran to the cabin.

It was the wall mirror. On the floor. Shattered. So, too, were my nerves. 

We told ourselves it was the wind. Although neither of us recalled a big gust in the moments preceeding the crash. I think we both kept to ourselves what we were really thinking.

Haunted or not? What do you think?