What we have here is a
failure to communicate

Girl from the East (seated on couch, reading a chapter book aloud): Mom, what does w-a-i-t spell?

MZ: Wait.

Clock ticks. Cars drive past on the street outside. Dried leaves let go of their seasonal grip and drift earthward.

Girl from the East: Mom, what does w-a-i-t spell?

MZ: I said, wait.

Bananas rot. Cat yawns. The earth turns.

Girl from the East: MO-OM!  I. SAID. WHAT. DOES. W-A-I-T SPELL?

MZ:  WAIT! I mean, waaaaaiiiitaminnit there. I think we’re having our first Jim Ignatowski moment.

Girl: Jimnatowski! Mom you’re so silly.

Silly? You decide:

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