Vanilla 2008


You Had an Average Year

While you had some setbacks, your year also brought some good things.         

All in all, things mostly evened out. That’s just how life works.

Focus on what went well for you – and what you can improve.

A new year is a perfect reason to give yourself a fresh start!



I was surprised my year came out as average according to this non-scientific, all-fun survey. I guess when I weigh the good against the bad, it has truly come out even. Perhaps I focus too much on the negative?
Here’s an example to support the findings:
We had a meeting with our finance guy the other day and while the news about our investments wasn’t good, I mean this has been a horrible year for financials, it also wasn’t bad.
In other words, we didn’t throw a lot of money into our accounts this year. Normally that would be a bad strategy. It turns out it was the perfect move. Investing in our accounts this year would have been the same as throwing a bag of money off the side of a cliff.
So goes it with many other aspects of my life.
I lost a dear friend. But, I made new friends.
I’ve struggled with some personal issues, but I’ve gained peace and perspective on other things.
I’ve had some scares, some jolts to my psyche, but I’m trying to live in the moment and focus on now rather than the past or the unknown of tomorrow.
Sounds pretty average, doesn’t it?