Still pretty in pink?

***Post edited on July 24 to include photos****

Last night I stayed up really late to watch the reissued version of “Pretty in Pink,” the ’80s classic featuring teen icon Molly Ringwald.
Two things:
First, I miss John Hughes movies like I miss my youth — his movies were pretty true to the times without being overly cynical or sappy. I love the characters, the soundtracks, and the milieu that seemed to mirror my life so well at the time.
Second, I realized a girl with whom I graduated high school had a bit part in the movie. How did I miss this before? In fact, despite having owned the movie soundtrack and playing the cassette to the point of unravelment, I’m wondering if I’d ever watched the movie in its entirety. (I think it was a ‘date movie.’)
Third, OK, I lied about it being two things. The ’80s need to stay in the ’80s. I think it’s great that my teen daughter wants to see all the “Brat Pack” movies of my youth. I think it’s fabulous that the storylines are timeless. But those fashions need to stay in the vault. Girl from the West came back from her month in Europe with a suitcase and boxes packed with ’80s fashions and a interest in Molly Ringwald movies. She is obsessed with all things ’80s. The big belts, big shirts, big glasses, tiny little boots and the ginourmous earrings.
Her wardrobe is a mirror of mine 20 years ago minus the REALLY BIG HAIR. Yeah, at least that hasn’t come back yet. What did we do to our hair in the ’80s? Look what I did to mine:

This is me, now, no longer inhaling perm solution:

After the movie ended I couldn’t sleep. I felt a pang of sadness about the past. Had more than 20 years passed since that movie came out? I think the last time I was in Kohl’s I heard the Cure playing on the piped-in Muzak system.

WTF people, the Cure? In Kohl’s? That’s enough to make you want to slash your wrists right there in the hosiery department.

Finally, the reissue DVD featured interviews with the cast today. Let me tell you, none of those fresh-faced teens looked so pretty in pink anymore. Molly Ringwald least of all. I barely recognized her without her short ‘do and angular figure. She looked more like a suburban soccer mom than a Hollywood sensation. Both Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer just looked like typical middle-aged dudes. Biggest shock of all — John Hughes is now a semi-recluse? Refuses interviews? What is this about? Is he creating a mystique about himself or did he just fade away?
Ah, well, better to fade from shocking pink to pale purple than to take the Botox Express to Freakville.