A week in pictures

No time to post this week. But I did make an effort to really experience each day and search for the one thing that made it special.

Monday morning walk to the bus stop. It's oddly warm and humid for mid-March in Michigan.

Did I ever tell you that produce is like porn to me? The colors, textures, shapes and the scent, oh the scent of earth and leaf.

Self portrait of a woman who needs more vitamin D in her diet.

How about this? I dress to please myself. There are a lot of these message cars and vans rolling around town and I'm not sure what to think. Freedom of speech at its finest, I suppose.

Give me Play-Doh, this is what you get.

Sign taped to the door of a used-book store in my neighborhood. Real books, damn straight! My husband and I debate this all the time. I win the argument with this one: Does a Kindle smell like a book? No. It never will. Case closed.

Roses aren't my favorite but these creamsicle colored ones look good enough to eat.

It was like going to a Led Zeppelin concert, except it was all girls -- and they were pretty hot. Oh, and some 20-something guys asked me to hang out with them. I didn't but, wow, best ego-boost in a long time.

I'm a sucker for this kind of cute art. It makes me happy. (Artist: Jason Gibner)


Pictures of my life, Part IV

Girl, you have no faith in medicine.
Is there a way to find the cure for this implanted in a pill? 
Is it just the name upon the bottle That determines if it will? 
Is the problem you're allergic to a well familiar name? 
Do you have a problem with this one if the results are the same?
-- Jack White, The White Stripes


In black and white, I’m on  a regimen of crap that I hate. The pills get stuck in my throat. The one I take at night sometimes makes me nauseated. I resent the idea that I need these things to feel/appear normal. Sometimes they don’t work at all. I’ve prided myself on being medication-free for years. I told myself that it meant I was healthy. Was I? Am I now? Today I heard a common-sense talk about wisdom and knowing when to let go of control. Wisdom is knowing when to take the medicine. Wisdom is knowing there isn’t a fix at a nearby big-box store for every problem in life.

In the world of color, I added some red to my hair.

Still haven’t mastered the art of self-portrait photography



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