Blogging killed dear diary

Dear Diary:
I’m sorry I haven’t opened you in a while. I’ve been a little distracted in the last year with a modern version of you. I still think of you fondly.
Do you consider me a cheater or a deserter for abandoning you for a high-tech trophy?

It’s not you. It’s me. I’ve gone public. Gone are my private musings and wanton ramblings. Now I put it all out there for the whole world two people to read. I flailed around in the deep waters of blogging for a while, before some nice people invited me onto their raft. Since then, I’ve connected with a lot of wonderful and talented writers and creative people. This is not something I could do with you, alone. I hope you understand.

See this thing called My Daytime TV? This is my blogroll. It is a list of writers I consider tops in the blogging game. I admire them for their talent, creativity, insight and candor. This is the good side of leaving you for the Internets.

But diary, there are some downsides, too. I’ve learned that a diary will never send mean replies to entries, or talk back or take my material and spread it around in a vicious manner like some Internet monsters will. The world outside your bound pages can be strange, dangerous and freaky.

Also, dear diary, you won’t leave me. But blogger friends come and go. I lost one last month when her online material caused trouble on the homefront. I hope she returns one day after reaching a compromise with her family. Just this week another special friend had to close up shop due to time constraints and other matters I am not privy to. I am sad about this, diary. But I must persevere in this new realm.

I just need to work harder. Get smart about this and justify the amount of time I spend online. Just as it was easy to curl up under a tree, on a couch, or by the shore with you diary, I’ve gotten comfortable with online circles, which have dimished lately.

I read recently on Wired  (courtesy of a visit to DharmaBum) that like you dear diary, blogging is dead. Isn’t it just like me to be on the dull side of cutting edge? I suppose you think this is my just desserts for up and leaving you. But I will not give up. Just as you and I have been a pair since I wore my grade school jumper and knee socks, I’m sure I won’t give up my online affair that easily.

So, while we are not an item anymore, I will always have a place in my heart for you, dear diary.
Thanks for understanding.