Blame it on my environment

Isn’t the Internets fun? A while back I learned that if I were a Sesame Street character, I’d be Bert! Sweet, lovable, anal-retentive Bert. He’s such a barrel of fun. In fact, I think the barrel is halfway up his little puppet butt. Well, I’m over it. Where would the world be without Bert?

I ran across another fun little Internets quiz, courtesy of Humble Origins and learned that if I were a hand gesture, I’d be this:

You Are a Fist

Your life philosophy can be summed up as, “Life fast. Die young.”  

Your greatest wish is to have a life of passion and excitement. 

And while you don’t want to die young, you rather take risks than stay home and be afraid.

You are inspired and inspiring. You live each day like it’s your last.




I don’t know, Internets, I’m not sure Bert and the fist go together like peanut butter and jelly, but I can’t argue with a super-fun quiz, can I?

What I can do is blame my environment, where this ubiquitous symbol confronts all visitors and guests and has been a guiding force in our city politics:

Purty, ain’t it? What with all the hoopla surrounding our mayor, Mr. Kwame Kilpatrick, I’m sure work is under way to sculpt a companion piece: The Middle Finger. Can’t wait.