A raging case of poly-blog-a-matosis


It’s difficult to live two lives simultaneously. Just ask Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne.

Just ask the secret polygamist.

Do women do this? Most women I know think their husbands, children and households are more than enough. Why they’d take on multiples would be beyond my comprehension.

Except in the realm of the superhero. In this world, a woman will have a nondescript day job and then slip behind a curtain, do some magical thing to transform herself, and then reemerge with big hair, a body suit, cape and some kind of otherworldly power. The personas of super hero and library assistant would be so vastly different that no one will ever make the connection.

So is the life of MomZombie.

I started this blog almost two years ago as a personal outlet. I kept my blog private for a year, then turned it public, but kept details private and shared none of it with family or friends. But that isn’t very rewarding. 

Last month I gave in to the immense pressure and cajoling from friends and family and got on Facebook, set up a page on Linkedin, started Twittering (still not getting that yet), created a Flikr account  and created a second blog that serves as a resume and job seeking site. (Yeah, uh, this is supposed to be about work.) 

What in holy hell have I done?

Now I’m wondering: Will I have to set up two separate Facebook, Flikr, and Twitter accounts to accompany  each blog, as others have done? 

This seems ridiculously complicated, a recipe for disaster, one in which Clark Kent shows up to the Daily Planet with his cape sticking out of his trousers.

How can one person manage this much stuff? How will I connect with all my bloggy friends? I’m struggling with a big dilemma here.

Husband suggests dumping MomZombie and starting over again with a new blog. But, I’m attached to this thing, even if it will never lead to fame and fortune and stats in the double digits. Even if I never get to wear a real superhero cape.

***Since writing this I have considered setting up a Twitter for this blog. I know some of you have asked in the past if I Tweet. If you’d like to connect that way, send me an e-mail on how to find you on Twitter, at momzombie64@yahoo.com Be patient with me. I’m having a heck of a time with the thing.