You can run, but you can't hide


Had I not successfully asked for and received a postponement, this is how I’d be spending my Friday.
Turns out the courts aren’t a babysitting service and don’t want three-year-olds in attendance at legal proceedings.
Turns out the only babysitter I had available landed a full-time gig.
Turns out not a soul I know is available to babysit pro bono for an indeterminate amount of time on Friday because … who knows how long jury duty could take?
Turns out that getting paid $20 for the day doesn’t cover the $10 hourly rate ($10 x 8 hours = Ack!) that babysitters charge nowadays.
There was a time when I’d welcome a summons to appear in the mail. Twice before in my life I’ve reported for jury duty. Twice before I’ve been dismissed before voir dire even commenced. I was disappointed.
But having covered a number of trials in my reporter days, I know better now. Real-life court rooms are nothing like TV shows. Mostly, they’re boring.
Between now and June, when I have to show up for real, I’m going to work on forming a babysitting cooperative with at least one other family.