Please be neat …

Hello! What’s this?

Why it’s a toilet seat cleaner dispenser. Welcome to the bathroom lineup, Ms. Dispenser. Do you like your prominent place between the toilet paper and the commode? Are the customers keeping you busy?

I was surprised to discover you sitting pretty in the ladies room at the ┬ánifty micro-brewery that just so happened to be where we met Bossy for her (No)Book Tour stop in Detroit earlier this week. It was such a nice bathroom: mood lighting, vased flowers, framed mirrors. It’s hard to believe you were on duty there when so many facilities around town scream for your services.

Perhaps the rest room at the BP on the interstate is too offensive for your delicate disposition? Maybe the customers would mistreat you? Take your sanitized goodness and use it for a purpose other than expressly intended? Would they, in their road-weary and/or controlled substance stupor, fail to read your fine print?

Oh, the stories you could tell, if only you were able.

I have a few questions:

  • Are you ignored?
  • Laughed at?
  • Mistaken for hand sanitizer?
  • Do the offenders clean up after their bathroom antics?
  • Is it more likely that bathroom patrons clean someone else’s folly?
  • You’ re not angry with me for taking your picture and plastering it all over the Internet, are you?

I hope you are not the only one of your kind, a visitor here observing our habits to report back to your leader. I hope to find your brothers and sisters in more places. It’s a rough job, no doubt.

Carry on, brave warrior, carry on.

Photo by MZ

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