The dressing down, issued
by a 7-year-old CEO

Mom, you need to get a job.

But I do have a job.

What is your job?

(This is where I explain what I do, and that it is work. I have assignments, must meet deadlines, and I get paid to do it. I work from my home office, at the coffee shop or the public library.)

But that is not real work like what daddy does.

Why is it not real?

Well, because you’re just on your computer, like always. You should be building something or in a store or something.

Some people work on computers all day. Mommy used to work in a building on a computer all day.

It just doesn’t seem like you do anything.

What about all the stuff mommy does at home? Shop, cook, clean, laundry, shovel snow, gardening, pay bills, take care of you? Is that not work?

That’s just stuff parents do.

So, you don’t want mommy home in the morning to help get you to school? or after school, to help with homework and projects, or take you to the library?

I could go to latchkey. (She says with a light in her eyes.)  I just think you should get a job.


There it is. My seven-year-old, channeling Marissa Mayer

7 thoughts on “The dressing down, issued
by a 7-year-old CEO

  1. I wonder if she isn’t onto something. As much as I like that I can sit here in my pajamas drinking my coffee and I write, I might get more writing done if I had to treat it as a “real” job because here I am perusing blogs instead of working. Then I think, screw it. I’m old. I deserve to sit here in my pajamas doing whatever I want.

    Looks like you a very interesting young lady on your hands who is going places in this world.

    • Jayne: The most interesting aspect of this to me is her desire to be in latchkey. My oldest had to be in latchkey for many years, something that always bothered me. Here I am feeling like a good mom for being there for her at the end of the school day and she’d rather be elsewhere. Grass is always greener, isn’t it?

  2. I know she’s only seven, but a lot of people don’t TRULY grasp the concept of working from home. And most people, have this fantasy about what it’s really like. A fellow professional blogger wrote a post which I think accurately describes how working from home AND being a mother is MORE than a “REAL JOB”

    I added the link below.

    Also, no one really GETS the self discipline and patience that it takes to work from home.

    • Meleah: Lately I’ve had to pack up and go to the public library to work. It’s quiet there. Most importantly, there is not a glass case of cookies, doughnuts and muffins calling my name. Coffee houses are nice for people watching and inspiration but tend to drain my bank account and add to my midsection.

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