Mountain memory

Lost Lake, somewhere in Colorado

The first time I hiked in the mountains, I needed a break, so I laid on my back in an alpine meadow next to a melting snow cap. I was struck by the closeness of the sky, how it rushed toward my bare face, how the silence buzzed in my ears, how I could almost grab a handful of cloud and lick it like a tuft of cotton candy, how the dripping water formed shimmering ribbons coaxed away by gravity, gathering volume and speed, toward life below.


(I stole this from myself. I wrote it as a comment on another blog. Is that breaking some blogger bylaw?)

8 thoughts on “Mountain memory

    • Suniverse: The bugs are few and far between at that altitude. One place I’ll never lay on my back is in the tropical rain forest.

  1. Wow! Is that a real place? I want to step right into that photo. As for what you wrote, that’s just as beautiful. And I don’t think there are any rules in bloggyland.

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