This place won’t pick itself up, will it?

A blog is like a dog. You need to feed and water it. You need to take it out for walks and let it poop on people’s lawns. Then you pick up the poop.

Some thing like that.

Right now, this is the equivalent of a furred husk curled up next to an empty kibble dish.

My dog, er blog, got sick last month. I took it to the vet, who said it only needed a shot or two and it would mostly be back to normal.

My dog, er, blog now has a wonky eye, has forgotten its name, and walks with a limp.  My motivation levels for this site as it stands are very low.

I have as much drive to fix this mess as I do to pick up 500 piles of dog crap in someone else’s yard.

But I do not plan on giving away the dog, er, blog. I may take it to the doggie salon and have it prettied up. Then, I know I’ll want to love it and keep it again.

Something will happen. I know it sucks to check on a site and find the same moldy post.

So much is happening outside of this place I cannot focus within this place.

I need to give it time. I need to get my writing mojo back. I need to find my voice. A new voice of a woman on her own again, at least for most of the day. My job as full-time stay-at-home mother is finished. The next chapter awaits.


5 thoughts on “This place won’t pick itself up, will it?

  1. Meleah Rebeccah: It just might be back. I miss all of you as much as I miss writing.
    Suniverse: Thank you. I’m still trying to get writing time built into my day.

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