Travel journal: An apology

Eleven states.

Forty-five hundred miles on the odometer.

Broke in my new hiking boots.

Read two and a half books.

Stitched together dreams large and small.

Scared the hell out of myself.

So little time to post.

Such weak or nonexistent Internet signals.

I lost count of all the stars in the sky.

Living almost off the grid is great for the soul.

It’s not so great for blogging.

I have a few posts simmering.

I need to get caught up on life. (Mine and all of yours, too.)

6 thoughts on “Travel journal: An apology

  1. Beautiful shot.

    I need to catch up out here. I’m sorta kinda back in the saddle again. I hope.

    Hey, when you get back, why don’t we dare each other to another rousing month of NABLO…NAM…of, what the hell is that called. The thing where we blog for an entire month, non-stop. 😉

  2. Audrey: It’s so good to hear from you. Glad you are back in the saddle. I am up for NaBloPoMo once my youngest is in school all day. Sometime in the fall sound good to you?

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