Pictures of my life, Part IV

Girl, you have no faith in medicine.
Is there a way to find the cure for this implanted in a pill? 
Is it just the name upon the bottle That determines if it will? 
Is the problem you're allergic to a well familiar name? 
Do you have a problem with this one if the results are the same?
-- Jack White, The White Stripes


In black and white, I’m on  a regimen of crap that I hate. The pills get stuck in my throat. The one I take at night sometimes makes me nauseated. I resent the idea that I need these things to feel/appear normal. Sometimes they don’t work at all. I’ve prided myself on being medication-free for years. I told myself that it meant I was healthy. Was I? Am I now? Today I heard a common-sense talk about wisdom and knowing when to let go of control. Wisdom is knowing when to take the medicine. Wisdom is knowing there isn’t a fix at a nearby big-box store for every problem in life.

In the world of color, I added some red to my hair.

Still haven’t mastered the art of self-portrait photography



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5 thoughts on “Pictures of my life, Part IV

  1. LOVE the hair! And, side note: I know you said you would never attend a big conference but I’m secretly hoping you’ll change your mind and come out to BlogHer!!!

  2. Mary: Thank you, or, thank the guy who colors my hair. I really wish I could find a way to San Diego just to meet you and Deb and a handful of other bloggers from all over the place who are going. Someday it will happen!

  3. Molly: What’s mysterious is how my office is such a mess. Who did that?
    Suniverse: Thank you. I’m obsessed with red hair right now. I’m a brunette in a family of redheads. No fair.

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