I've got red on me — again

No, not The Hives ...

... but these hives


Allergies are hell.

They killed my father.

I’m not sure why, unless it’s psychosomatic or a hell of a coincidence, that a (suspected) severe allergic reaction has colored the last 12 days of my life. Each morning I awake to a new batch of itching, screaming hives, an angry mob swarming somewhere on my body. By noon, if I’m lucky, the swelling calms to an angry skin flush. I look like I fell asleep in the sun.

Nothing has been spared. Nothing. Today my whole face is swollen and hot to the touch.  My husband and I noted that I would not look good with those coveted collagen-injected lips so many women of Hollywood are sporting.

I’ve been to the doctor twice.

I’ve had a cortisone shot.

I’m living on anti-histamines.

I have an appointment for a full line of tests. But that’s not until next week.

I must wait.

Suspecting the lavender-infused laundry detergent I bought a month ago, I’ve been washing and rewashing everything.

Suspecting certain foods, I’ve been eating cautiously, making note of everything that crosses my lips.

Suspecting my overgrown yard and all its pollen and mold spore glory, I’ve not set food outside to tend to any of it.

I’m inside, slightly drugged, with ice packs where they need to be.

What a life.

Allergies are hell.


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11 thoughts on “I've got red on me — again

  1. Meleah: I just went back and re-read all your posts about your health and allergies. I know who I am turning to for advice. I’ve already been given a short list of foods to avoid “for now.”

  2. Oh, dear, I hope you get answers soon. It must be hell. Allergies are so strange and so hard to figure out. Frustrating. If you feel like you have to, go to a hospital or urgent care.

  3. Kristy: Went to urgent care. Felt silly but had to do it based on my father’s medical history..
    Libby: I’m not liking this new sensitive me.

  4. I’m so sorry, MZ. I’m a very allergic girl myself, but you’ve got a doozy of a case here. I hope by the time you read this you are hive and itch-free.

  5. Sam: Not yet. I’ve learned that turquoise complements red and white skin. If you can’t change your look, accessorize. Seriously, it’s one day at a time around here.

  6. Okay — now I see. oh, poor you — that is miserable. My daughter get hives from something, which we’ve yet to pin down. She does a combo of zantac, claritin and benedryl (which she can handle without getting drowsy).

    Oh dear, this is out of my league. I haven’t gotten to this in Google medical school. But oh, that’s miserable. I’ll be thinking of you.

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