Pictures of my life, Part 3

Midlife crisis, an ongoing saga

A few weeks ago I accompanied a friend to a piercing studio. I entered the earthy shop in a nearby suburb armed with more expectations than I care to admit.  A collection of tribal masks, idols, and tools on display seemed both cliche and indicative of the collective pain captured within these walls. But a generous display of environmental and animal rights magazines on the tables, the trip-hop drifting from hidden speakers, and the soft-spoken woman behind the counter balanced the aesthetic.

The only pain we’re into is our own.

I felt a little out of my element. While my friend filled out forms,  I sought the familiar: a display case of sterling silver bracelets and pendants. Next to it was another case twinkling with mysterious metallic objects. What was this stuff? Where did people put these things? How did they get them in? A quick browse through the studio services catalog cleared up some of the confusion.

Oh, my.

As my friend situated herself for the procedure,  I prepped for my role as official hand-holder.

I listened as the piercer explained the tool sterilization process, the horrors of piercing guns (I had no idea. Did you?), and the after-care process.

Then it was showtime. I grasped her hand and watched as metal clamps pinched flesh, as the hollow tube and needle joined, penetrated, and retreated to make way for the metal ring.

Zip. Zap. Done. No blood. No shrieking. Not even a clenched fist or jaw. Morrissey wailed “Meat is Murder” through the speakers.


Did I feel faint? offended? disgusted?


I wanted one, too.

So, you know, I got one.

Midlife crisis. When does it end?

My middle-aged ear, which now has a rook piercing.



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9 thoughts on “Pictures of my life, Part 3

  1. Pretty pretty! I get it. I finally got the cartilage piercing I’ve wanted for a long time–and I still want another tattoo, though that sadly is beyond my wallet’s reach at this time. Sigh.

  2. TeacherMommy: I had the outer cartilage pierced many years ago and it never stopped hurting. I had to take it out. This one — so far– has not given me any trouble.

  3. So glad you got that done! I don’t even have my lobes pierced (long story) so not sure I could do that, but it’s ironically I posted a video on my site today of my dance class which is directly related to my ongoing midlife crisis! 🙂

  4. LIbby: That is how it happened. I watched someone else get pierced and I had to do it, too.
    Mama Mary: I never realized you don’t wear earrings!

  5. Hey, you do what you gotta do. I think tattoos are hot. Better keep me away from a parlor when there’s a couple drinks in me. For now, I will settle for road rage and low cut tops to satisfy my mid-life crisis. 🙂

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