Pictures of my life, Part 1












spoon + fork





This is the first of what I want to be an ongoing series of random observations of my life.

Today I pay homage to a humble spork, which Girl from the East will not let me throw out/recycle. While on vacation in California, we frequented a deli near our hotel. It was our delicious little ritual to walk there, peer through the glass to decide what we’d have that day, then take our bagged food and utensils outside for a picnic. ┬áIt didn’t matter what we had, it all tasted so good as we sat on the grass or a park bench, under an unmarked blue sky with sunlight warming our skin. So this spork came back to Michigan with us and serves as a wonderful souvenir of a series of picnics in January.

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7 thoughts on “Pictures of my life, Part 1

  1. We have a tattered map of our local airport – it has become a wonderful memory of an hour we spent discovering all of the sculptures and escalators (and coffee shops) one day when we arrived super early to pick someone up. It turned a regular errand into an adventure; an airport map into a treasure map –

  2. Meleah: She used it to eat her cereal this morning.
    Tanya: I LOVE turning errands into adventures. I love maps, too.
    Molly: I didn’t realize I did that until I viewed it on my phone.
    Suniverse: I have a garden full of random souvenirs: rocks, pine cones, shells, etc.

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