Ah, sleep

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I’m doing something different. I’m getting sleep. Real, glorious, soak-the-pillow-with-drool kind of sleep.

It’s been amazing.

I’ve never been a champion sleeper.

One of my earliest memories is of awakening in my dimly lit bedroom to the sound of  a squalling monster. I recall slipping out of my bed and padding over to its cage on the other side of the room. Inside was a smallish, red-faced beast with curled fingers and toes, leaking profusely.

My next memory is of my mother rushing in, flipping on the light switch and actually touching the creature, which, as it turns out, was my little brother. I recall sitting on my father’s lap in the living room as he explained babies and crying to me. The late news flickered on the TV screen and cast a blue glow around the room.

As a teenager, I went through a sleepwalking phase. I was known to walk from my bedroom down to the kitchen, turn on all the lights on the first floor, then open the side door leading to the driveway and garage. I’d lean out and look for someone or something. That’s when I would wake up.

As a young woman out in the world, anyone who slept next to me complained that I tossed and turned, sometimes shouted, sat up and carried on one-way conversations, and then *gasp* snored my way through the rest of the night.

I guess I’ve settled down in my middle years. If I snore, I get a poke in the shoulder to turn over. No more reports of conversations or late-night wandering.

Most of the time I’m adrift, seeking the distant shore of unconsciousness.

But this past week, thanks to the wonders of NyQuil, I slept the blessed slumber of the very young and the achieved the stillness of the dead.

Speaking of dead, I’ve been advised and warned for more than a year now that my sleep deprivation habits are going to kill me. I didn’t really believe it until I tried to lose 20 pounds. No matter how much time and effort I put in at the gym, no matter how much I dieted, I was not losing a pound or shedding an inch anywhere.

I kept reading studies and hearing reports about belly fat and lack of sleep and mortality.

I thought back to a friend of mine who died of cancer early this year.  I recall her telling me that as a single mother, she never got more than five hours of sleep a night. She did this for two decades. I wondered if she ever kicked that habit, or, if the damage had been done.

I’ll never know but the memory scared me.

So, a respiratory infection, followed by a three-week cough, followed by the common cold felled me like an old oak in a light breeze. I realized the most important thing was to get some sleep to get better. Night after night I just went to bed and slept until my body woke me.

It was amazing.

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14 thoughts on “Ah, sleep

  1. TeacherMommy: Get some sleep. What you did today (which is no stranger to my life) is a sure sign that you need to slow down and restore.
    Meleah: I’m finally realizing this as I now know my late-night efforts were fruitless.
    Kristy: It’s like I never gave up the crazy pattern of being a new mother.

  2. I feel like I am always chasing sleep, but never quite catching it. And I have been taking NyQuil this week too. It does knock me out, but the dreams are too bizarre.

  3. i still wonder what sleep is like. i know i did it before 1998, when my first kid was born. but thanks to lack of sleep, i have really messed my body up. nyquil gives me weird dreams, but maybe there’s some other potion that will help me out. i have heard mixed things about melatonin.

    sleep is so elusive. congrats on finally getting some 🙂

  4. Sher: I had no idea so many other women had this problem. On another note, I’m loving your NaBloPoMo theme. I’ve never had the motivation to do it after the first run.

  5. I love my sleep! Love. it. I miss it desperately now that I’m a mom. I try whenever I can to sneak in a nap or a sleep-in. Damn this time change. It hasn’t helped my case at all. 🙂 Hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. MamaMary: I remember everyone telling me before my first child: get sleep while you can. Did I? No. I didn’t need it then.

  7. thanks for the kind words, momZ. on the other hand, i am wondering whether i should eventually focus on sending something positive into the universe, as i am basically having a month-long bitchfest on my blog, lol.

    naaah 😉

  8. Sher: You can spend all of December listing things that make you happy. That should turn around the karma, don’t you think?

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