Lessons from the road

At least one butterfly died in the making of this post.

One thousand, three hundred and something or other miles later, past so many cornfields I no longer wonder why America has an obesity epidemic (the stalks whisper high fructose corn syrup) we have arrived.

I do wonder why GPS doesn’t offer the Old Spice Guy’s voice as an option.

I do think the rolling fields of wind turbines in Iowa are hypnotically beautiful. But has anyone thought about what would happen if those blades flew off?

Creative pit stops: It took us longer than usual to make the drive because when you strap a four-year-old into a seat and expect her to sit still for thousands of miles, you are in for a battle. (I refuse to mount one of those DVD players in my car.) So, we made the most of rest stops. We fed her well. He ran her for 15-20 minutes around buildings, along sidewalks, and through parks. It worked. She climbed back into her car seat sweaty and exhausted, content to study her sticker books and puzzles for another 300 miles.

Indiana: What’s with the fireworks and strip clubs? Loved the sign advertising the Polecat Strip Club. Do they not know that a polecat is a skunk?
Illinois: If not for Chicago, then what?
Iowa: You are boring but comforting. Just one question, why, in the land of waving grain, did we find an Astroturf lawn in front of a restaurant?
Nebraska: Meh.
Colorado: Thanks for the amazing rain storm and double rainbow. Sorry my camera battery died just as you showed us your wares.

Giant pinwheels

Sunset at Iowa/Nebraska border

3 thoughts on “Lessons from the road

  1. Meleah Rebeccah: More summaries to come.
    Mama Mary: No California on this trip, although I did step over onto the Pacific side of the Continental Divide today.

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