Why do people make things so complicated?

Voice mail. Text messaging. They are not new. Both are designed to speed up the process of communication. You can call your best friend Lucy in Tulsa. If she doesn’t answer, you can leave her a message after the beep.

“Lucy, girl, it’s MomZombie.  Please call me when you emerge from your comatose slumber. I have a great idea for this weekend.”

If you are super-efficient, you can also text good ol’ Lucy to further clarify why you are calling.

The ball is now in Lucy’s court. She knows I called and texted. She knows why.

This is not a message: “Hi. It’s me. Call.”

So, I call you back. You don’t answer. You call back. I don’t answer.

Phone tag.

Won’t somebody just say what the hell is the point of this volley?

Lately I’m getting barraged with phone calls and texts that only reveal to me you have a short fuse but do not tell me why you are trying to reach me.





“Hi, it’s me. Why won’t you answer your phone? What is wrong with you? This is getting really annoying that you do this.You need to answer your phone.”

Where is it written that just because I am “reachable” everywhere I must respond immediately? I think there is a reasonable window of opportunity for acknowledging and responding to phone and text messages. Not everyone agrees with me on this one.

I think I am entitled to let the call go to voice mail when:

I am in the shower.

When I am in the bathroom doing bathroomy things.

When I am sleeping or relaxing.

When I am engaged in some type of one-on-one activity with another person who would be greatly disturbed by the answering of a phone or the reply of a text.

Is this not the POINT of the aforementioned messaging systems?

Rather than send 200 texts and redial my number another 250 times yelling and ranting about how I’m not answering my phone why not tell me why you are calling and what you need.  How about:

“I’m done with my appointment. You can pick me up now.”

“There’s a big insect-y thing on my wall and I need you to come over and smash it for me.”

“Please bring home a loaf of wheat bread.”

Wasn’t that easy? One call, one text and the whole idea travels like magic dust from sender to receiver.

Now, if only I could figure out how to comment on Blogger blogs.


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20 thoughts on “Why do people make things so complicated?

  1. 100% agree. Just because there are loads of ways to contact people 24/7, doesn’t mean they need to be available 24/7. And BE SPECIFIC when you SMS!

    If you set up an OpenID you can comment on any kind of blog, I think…

  2. Ha! That’s so funny that you made that comment about blogger blogs because I had this whole issue leaving comments last night but stubbornly refused to give up… It just doesn’t make sense for a format to make it difficult to leave comments.

  3. Maxabella: I’m still wrestling with the whole Open ID thing…
    Tanya: Why are Blogger blogs so exclusive? Some only allow other Blogger bloggers to comment. I can use my Google ID but it lists me as “Mom” with no URL link. I don’t want to comment under the suggestion I am their mother. MomZombie on Google is taken.

  4. Just found you via FlogYoBlog. Great post and blog but now I’m worried about my blogger blog… better go and check how easy it is to use, thanks for the tip off!

  5. I totally understand. Since I live in another country – I have to call my friends. If they don’t have free service to Canada, I can’t really ask them to call back. If they do I tell them to hang up and I’ll call them. Sometimes i email them and make phone call appointments. Sometimes I just email them. Text messages work most of the time. This is why I must make some friends here. It will save a lot of time.

  6. Monkeymummy: Thanks for visiting. If your blog has the Name/URL comment option in the drop-down menu it should be good.
    Princess Stupidhead: It sounds like you have quite the complicated communications system.

  7. Hopping over from Flog yo Blog….. Have to say this is the whole reason why for two years I was cell phone-less…. I do have one now ( Hubby twisted my arm)but I only switch it on if Im in the car ….. or its an emergency, I hate the stupid things and how the can control your life….

  8. I’m checking you out to return the comment love, and I am diggin’ your blog. Will subscribe. I frequently frustrate my friends by the fact that I have no land line phone, only my cell, that I keep on vibrate and rarely hear it. I keep it in my purse in the dining room, and I love that I can just live my freakin life and only pick the damn thing up when I want. People can reach me faster by calling my husband or saying something to me on Facebook!

  9. My Dad is the worst. He calls the home phone, the cell phone. my husband’s cell, and then texts. I thought old people weren’t supposed to know how to do this stuff.

  10. And I think I am entitled to let the call go to voice mail when:

    . . . ever.

    To me, that’s what voice mail is for. It answers my calls. ALL of them. That’s why I have it. Why in god’s name would I pick up a ringing phone? It could be ANYone! I don’t have Caller ID, so it’s just too risky. I’d rather do without phones altogether. E-mail, people!

  11. Hey, it’s me. I’m finished with my appointment and we are out of bread.

    Also, what is wrong with answering the door in your underwear? I think it really puts you in the driver’s seat when dealing with people who arrive unannounced to try to convert you or sell you life insurance.


  12. SK: I guess my underwear doesn’t have enough horsepower. It has not been effective in driving away those on a mission to save my soul or sell me siding.

  13. everyone hates me because they have a 1 in 50 chance that i will actually pick up my mobile phone when they call, text, or do whatever they do. i know, i know: defeats the whole purpose of the thing. but selfish me — i see it as a tool for *my* convenience, not anyone else’s — with the exception of my daughter, who can call me anytime.

    then again, now my daughter actually turns off her cell phone if she isn’t using it. and it aggravates the hell out of me 😉

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