A small reminder

I found this over on Zombie Mom’s site (fondly called Purses and Poop) where she admits she probably stole it from another blogger. Naturally, I’ve purloined it for my own purposes. That’s what blogging is all about, right?

Besides, it’s been a challenging week. This inspirational poster absolutely shouted at me when I found it: Count your blessings with all ten working fingers why don’t you?

I watched this week as the last of my life savings, all that I worked and saved for my adult life, disappeared with one phone call to the broker. Do I feel free? Didn’t Janis Joplin sing: Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose? I’m glad we had it to survive. I wonder how long it will take to rebuild?

Sometimes I just want to live in a shack in the woods with nothing but a cot and a beautiful view. Other times, I wish I had the money to trace my family’s roots around Europe, or go back to Asia and explore on my own terms. Then, I talked to  a young father who was preparing for his first vacation in a decade. Ten years. No vacation.  That means it’s the first family trip for his children. His son wept, he said, when he broke the news. Wept.

It put in perspective my whining about having to wait 16 months to take a vacation anywhere.

A small reminder.

3 thoughts on “A small reminder

  1. It is a good reminder, of course I haven’t had a vacation in 8 years and my daughter is seven. I just tell her how scary it is to fly and she usually stops asking to go anywhere.

  2. That poster is a terrific reminder to be grateful for what you DO have rather than dwelling on what you dont have. I may have to print that out and hang it on my bathroom mirror so that I will read it every morning.

  3. I am in SUCH a place right now where I needed to see that. Bills unpaid, people calling, dangerous car, lack of food… but I have a roof over my head… a very good reminder! (and health insurance!)

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