Bossy in Detroit

When Bossy stuck a strategic push pin on Detroit (I felt that!) declaring it part of her six-week, nationwide (No)Book Tour, I just knew I had to be a part of the day somehow, some way.

I’ve adored Bossy’s blog ever since I first stumbled onto it three years ago. She had me at “sister mercy.” As she worked out the details of her (No)Book Tour with her publisher bank account,  I wrote her a poem and begged her to come to Detroit, where she could skate on a real ice rink and not a frozen puddle on the street.

When I realized that she’d be here on a Monday night, my heart sagged a bit. Of all nights, Mondays are the toughest in this household. Mondays are long and taxing affairs. They feature sweat pants, dark glasses and multiple trips through the Tim Horton’s drive-through lane.  There are no meet-ups, nights out, glam or, god forbid, cameras pointed at me on Mondays.

I made an exception this Monday. I’m a little sore from moving the planets, but I got them aligned just in time to meet Bossy and a group of Michigan and Ohio bloggers. We claimed a cozy corner in a wonderful micro-brewery inside a historic building in a Detroit suburb. We drank things like “Clementine Lemon Thyme Wheat Ale” and “Cherry Hard Cider” and ate copious amounts of hummus, fattoush and tzatziki on pita. At one point, we were asked by a group of subdued dudes behind us, “Who are you people?”

We are Bossy’s people, silly men.

Ms. Bossy and MomZombie at the (No)Book signing

Now, for a few questions:

Is Bossy as stunning in real life as on her blog?

Oh, my, yes.

Is Bossy as funny and nice in real life as depicted on her blog?

Even more so. Especially considering her hectic schedule for the last month. Would I look so fresh-faced, stylish and chipper? Would you?

Am I glad I gave up sleep and my Monday night workout for this?


To Bossy and all the great women bloggers*  I met yesterday: It was a pleasure to eat, drink and be merry with you. Please be kind and Photoshop the parsley out of my teeth before you post pictures. I know it’s there!

Mommy’s Martini


Just Juli

The Suniverse

@grandemocha — look her up on Twitter

It Is What It is

Table For Five

Mommy's Martini, Suniverse, Unmitigated and Bossy

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16 thoughts on “Bossy in Detroit

  1. LIbby: My gorgeous hair? Do you mean Bossy? Oh, I’m all confused. But I do know what you mean: the reality can be quite different from the fantasy.

  2. You are both stunning!!!!! Absolutely stunning I say!!!!!!

    That sounds like a great time. I don’t know what I’d do in a room full of awesome bloggers. Honesty, I’d be scared to death. I’d be the one hiding under the table for sure (-:

  3. How awesome meeting everyone! I knew we had some cool bloggers around here but there are even more than I must admit I have never visited in the blogosphere. Now, I have more to check out & add to my always-growing list! Thank you for sharing & hopefully, one day in the near future, I will tag along! (((HUGS)))
    .-= Collette´s last blog ..Things Have Been Nuts… =-.

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  5. Meleah: My arms are sore from all that planetary alignment.
    Unmitigated: Small-scale blogger meet-ups are all I do. I am way too freaked out to go to those mega-gatherings.
    JustJuli: I can’t wait to read your take on the evening.
    Collette: I would love to meet you at a future event. Maybe if we stage on somewhere near your hometown?
    Mrs. Blogalot: Thank you. Ah, the power of the nicely angled, low-lighted photograph.

  6. Foolery: Someday, Grasshopper, when the time is right, we shall meet. I have a feeling Mommy’s Martini, Foolery and MomZombie would have an amazing meet-up.

  7. I am, without a doubt, incredibly envious!

    And m’dear, you are STUNNING…absofreakinglutely STUNNING!

    So, here’s the deal, the hilarious and beautiful Foolery will be at BlogFest this year…I will infact be at BlogFest this year. I think a MomZombie would round our little group out nicely…what do ya say?

    And seriously, you are so pretty!
    .-= Audrey at Barking Mad´s last blog ..Birthin’ Babies the Old School Way =-.

  8. Hi, I clicked over from Foolery… and now I’m feeling like such a dud because my muscles were too weak to move the planets in order that I attend Bossy’s stop in the DC area. Lame, lame, lame.

    But listen, Audrey’s on to something. The 2nd annual Chesapeake Bay Blogfest is July 15-18 in Mathews, VA. Visit lifeinmathews on blogspot (or link to it from my blogroll) for the scoop! It’s fun. There’s water, and wine, and food, and hilarity and hijinx, and… think about it!

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