When ideas aren't fresh, reheat

Brenda at MummyTime always makes me laugh. Although we’ve never met  (she lives in Australia, for Pete’s sake!) I have the feeling she’d be the life of the party. I imagine she has a big personality. I’m guessing she has one of those loud, infectious laughs that invites you to join in, even if you don’t know the joke.  I picture a friend who laughs at all her foibles and makes you feel good about your own. Now she’s started this online party and used the word flog. It seems like a good idea on a snowy day when a fresh post seems about as accessible as an open swim at an outdoor pool.

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Check out her blog and the others linked up to it today.

Meanwhile, let me pull some leftovers out of the refrigerator and heat them in the microwave:

  • I’ve had a freakish few days. On top of all the stuff that makes up my life, the tending to children, the side work that’s making my eyeballs swell, and the volunteer commitments that excite me but threaten to explode my calendar, I’ve gotten a little loopy and careless.
  • I’ve broken two mirrors in the last few weeks. Yesterday I dropped one hand-held mirror and two wine glasses. Not sure what this does to my luck-o-meter.
  • On Tuesday night  I arrived around 10 p.m. at my gym, as is my habit. The maintenance guy always teases me that I’m early and then we laugh. On this night, he was dead serious in telling me that some oddball had been lurking outside the gym and peering in the windows. At one point, creepy guy approached a member at the door asking to be let in. (Access is by an electronic key card since it’s a 24/7 operation.) The member declined and the maintenance man asked the lurker to return during business hours. I asked maintenance guy if he called the police to report creepy guy.  He said no. I suppose that might be an overreaction, but it made me realize I need to be more vigilant, especially running around alone at night the way I do.
  • At the coffee shop where I write and edit on Wednesdays, I had a close call with my laptop computer. It’s a newer model MacBook. I left it unattended for a few minutes as I do on occasion to get a coffee refill, buy a bagel, or go to the bathroom. What do you do? Pack up the operation every time you leave your table? I found out later from a guy sitting behind me that two young men were lurking by my table, eyeing my computer and looking around.  The guy behind me didn’t say anything to them but his presence must have been enough to deter the would-be thieves.  I guess I’ll be packing my laptop with me now. The thought of replacing it along with all the lost data is scary beyond comprehension.
  • Last week a client gave me tickets to a professional basketball game. The event was a special night focused on the client’s business and its high achievers. As I was maneuvering my way through the crowd, balancing a tray with drinks and food in one hand, and guiding along my four-year-old with the other hand, I lost my balance and gave the people sitting directly below an unexpected shower. Thank goodness it was only water. After I apologized and got over my embarrassment, I started to find it unbearably funny. I  had to get up and walk around to hide my laughter. I’m an inappropriate giggler at times. That night, the laughs burst out of me every time I envisioned that arc of water splashing on their backs and their puzzled looks as they looked at me and dabbed at the back of their necks.
  • That’s it for the reheated tidbits. Now brush your teeth.
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6 thoughts on “When ideas aren't fresh, reheat

  1. I always leave my computer alone when at a coffee shop. I typically ask someone sitting nearby to “watch it” for me, and then invariably they give a look like, “Okay, but do you really think someone would walk away with your computer?” I want to punch them, but then that might hurt my chances of them actually protecting my computer.

  2. It’s really too bad that we have to look out for things whenever we go someplace. I wish people could just respect others & their property. So sick & tired of all the crap going down nowadays.
    I hope the creepy guy goes somewhere far, far away! I shudder just thinking about it! (((HUGS)))

  3. I always ask someone to keep an eye on my computer when I run to the bathroom. I feel nervous doing this, but then I remember I live over here on the west side of the Mitt where everyone else in the bookstore is reading his/her bibles — and I feel better.

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