Billion Dollar Babies


While strolling through a street fair in my town, I came upon this display in front of one of those eclectic shops that sells vintage toys and odd collectibles. Two nearly naked plastic baby dolls posed inside a toy convertible sedan, engaged in all forms of self-gratification and self-destruction. Yet, through the haze of smoke and blur of booze, their eyes still twinkled, their cheeks blushed rosy and their shame was nowhere to be found.

We all should be so lucky.

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4 thoughts on “Billion Dollar Babies

  1. Was this fair part of the dream cruise? It’s very freaky yet for some reason I am drawn to it. Maybe it’s the fact that my Uncle used to draw scars & stuff on my dolls when I was young.
    Also, I was wondering if you would be my friend on facebook. That way the Detroit bloggers would know what’s going on around the area & could possibly meet up. I’m under Collette Palmer. Thanks!

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