Detroit blogger meet-up 1.0


MomZombie goes out to play

No one is sure how it started.

Maybe I tweeted the idea of meeting other Detroit-area bloggers. Most certainly took the idea and made it a reality (thank you, thank you, thank you). It doesn’t matter. We planted a seed. It sprouted.

Last night we reaped the harvest: Five of us Detroit-area bloggers came together to chat, have a drink or two, chat some more, laugh, eat, take pictures, tweet about it as it happened, and go home feeling like we made new friends and learned a thing or two.

Five bloggers is a nice start.

I’m glad I said something.

I’m glad the right person came along to make it happen.

I’m glad others showed up.

It’s good to step out of the box once in a while

It’s one thing to hide behind an Internet name, a persona, and if you are me, a Little People character (which, by the way, I brought with me as an identifier since I blog anonymously). It’s quite another to step out from the shadows, tell people your name, let them see you in bright light and without the aid of Adobe Photoshop. It’s quite another thing, too, to hear the voice and see the three-dimentional version of the person you’ve been talking to online, who was nothing more than an avatar and a name with the @ prefix before the meet-up.

Personally, I am thrilled about this.

I took home with me little bits and pieces of the amazing life story and world travels of a.k.a. TeacherMommy;  it was wonderful to meet the beautiful, warm woman behind rockanddrool, a.k.a. Melissa, who has so many great ideas in development; I wish I had more time to talk to Todd J. List, avid Twitterer, who is in the process of developing his own Web site and who, if I meet him again, I promise to be quiet and let him do some talking;  and Rachael of who strives to strike a healthy balance between being a young mother and a successful businesswoman. What a positive bunch of people.

I hope I got that right, guys. As for the rest of you out there in the blogosphere, if you’re nearby, join us next time, please. If you’re not nearby but are curious about it all, fill up the tank, stop by anyway. We’ll buy you a drink. What’s the worst that can happen? You talk to a grown woman who plays with toys? Your picture ends up on the Internet?

What’s the best that can happen? You can hang out with us. You can take your own pictures. You can write your own version of the event. You can make a new friend.



Name tags on, left to right: MomZombie, Todd J. List, Teacher Mommy, Melissa of rockanddrool and Rachael of warmheartshappyfamily.


Name tags off, left to right, Todd J. List, TeacherMommy, MomZombie, Rachael of warmheartshappyfamily and Melissa of rockanddrool.


6 thoughts on “Detroit blogger meet-up 1.0

  1. it was SO GREAT!! and let’s plan a formal one for oct/nov but i’m game for any time to hook up again!! and i hope, truly, that many other bloggers will join us. let’s put metro detroit bloggers on the flipping map!!!
    you are so awesome for lighting the fire for this to have happened!!

  2. Oh, my gosh! Look how pretty you all are!!! Even Todd!

    I’m really happy you were all able to make this happen. I’d love to get together with a smallish group of bloggers. Instead, I’m going to BlogHer and meeting 1,000. I hope I have as good a time as you did.

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