Don't be jealous




A kitten is great when it curls up between your chin and your chest, purring and cuddling, claws retracted.

A kitten is not so great when you are prying it from the window screens, pulling it down from the drapes, coaxing it out from behind the stove, extracting it from a tangle of power cords.

A kitten is great when you look into his wide green eyes and consider the cat he will become, one who will have about an hour of energy and 23 hours of sleep. When this kitten stops trying to ride his older brother like a horse and learns a little respect, he will be a great companion. When this kitten learns how to control his claws, his countless urges to climb and leap and overturn, and how to use his litter box properly, well, then he will be a joy to behold.

Oh, who am I kidding? He still is.

Pass the peroxide and Band-Aids.


Our cat has mood ring eyes: Sometimes they are green, sometimes they are yellow.

5 thoughts on “Don't be jealous


    I am jealous.

    I remember my husband cursing and yelling when Gus (now 6) was a kitten. When he insisted upon getting a kitten when we were ready for a second cat, I reminded him how miserable he was. He didn’t care. He wanted the “full lifecycle.” So we went thru it all again. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    (Our beloved Kilbey had a mood-ring nose. When he was excited or mad, it was a bright red. When he was calm and happy, it was salmon-pink.)

  2. JD: That mood ring nose comment just made my day.
    Melissa: Yes, from Aristocats. Although we mistakenly thought Toulouse was the black cat. Berlioz doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.
    LIbby: I love that sideways move.

  3. Nodding my head the whole time.

    And seriously, if Geronimo does not stop climbing the screens I may sell him to the gypsies. Only I wont because then I’d lose my snuggle buddy who occasionally decides to play with my hair in the middle of the night which causes me to wonder if it’s just the damn cat, or do I have a spider’s nest loose in my hair?

    The photo of Toulouse on the grass is gorgeous. What a doll.

    And yeah, pass the peroxide and bandaids.

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