Never at a loss for props


One in a series of childhood humiliations

I’ve written about this before.

Let me quote myself:

Growing up as the daughter of an outdoorsman meant I posed with every dead thing my dad brought home. Every fish, rabbit, bird or mammal he snared, trapped or shot. And in each picture I have the same expression on my face: a forced smile in response to some off-camera plea-turned-threat.

It’s too late to ask my father why we played pass the dead thing. ¬†Right around the time this snapshot was taken (1968) I was getting used to the feeling of scales, fur and feather in my hands. I was adjusting to holding still, smiling and waiting for the all-clear signal to resume my childhood.¬†

Was it a matter of scale? A fish looks bigger in the hands of a child? Was it a record of our vacation activities? Yeah, we had fish for dinner that night.

Ah, who knows? All I do know is that my family photo albums are brimming with pictures like these. What better way to join the shame-fest known as Sincerely Fro Me to You hosted by camera-ready Marcy. Go on over for more pictures that didn’t or shouldn’t have made the cut.

7 thoughts on “Never at a loss for props

  1. I love your picture and it reminds me of a similar moment from my own childhood. We were fishing and my dad called me over to where he was. He said “can you put up two fingers like this?” and he showed a peace sign. I thought he was going to show me a game (duh, we were fishing, not hanging out at home). I put up my two fingers in the peace sign and he plunked two gutted trout on my hand, one on either finger, and said “go take these to your mother.”


  2. Thanks! You have reminded me I have a similiar picture in some albulm I’ve inheritated along the way. I’ll have to dig around for it soon.

    And did you notice the fish has the same face expression as you???

  3. This photo is perfect. People spend hours on photoshop trying to achieve this look. As far as your outdoorsy dad, I had one too. I think that’s why I’d rather eat bees than go camping.

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