Bon Jovi called: He wants his hair back

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There is no shortage of  bad hair decisions in my past.

There is no shortage of evidence in my photo album, either.


Bad hair weekend, 1986

Take this gem from the mid-’80s. I’m sure it took quite a bit of perm solution to achieve this big hair band masterpiece.  The aura of perm solution and other assorted chemicals in the air must have created a dangerous cocktail that addled my brain, altered my vision, and clouded my judgment. How else to explain this bodacious ‘do?

Folks, we weren’t out clubbin’. This was a camping weekend. No showers, no blow dryers or anything. That is the power of this perm. It held up for a whole weekend. In fact, I was in demand that weekend. There were reports, sightings even, of bear activity in the area. With this hairstyle  — and I’m sure the residual odor of perm solution in my wake — I was a surefire black bear repellent for at least a 50-mile radius.


Proof that it wasn't MY idea


I didn't even LIKE this music. I swear!

7 thoughts on “Bon Jovi called: He wants his hair back

  1. Dude. That’s some serious Metal Hair. I always thought Metal Chicks were the hottest of the breeds. I still have a place in my heart for the big hair. I was a mullet guy myself. Miss those days… Funny shit.

  2. Its just SO FUNNY.

    I remember going out to the middle of death valley to ride motorcycles. And bringing my propane heated CURLING IRON. Cuz I needed to look awesome under my helmet.

    Oh lord.
    Good Times

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