Assembly Line update


After 288 hours of nonstop music, there’s a new sound at A.J.’s Music Cafe in my little town: Silence.

Owner A.J. O’Neil declared the marathon over at 5 p.m. April 1.  The attempt for a Guinness World Record for nonstop music concert by various artists began on March 20. The videotaped footage of the event has been sent to Guinness for adjudication.

It would be nice to see the little independent cafe and all 300 participants who took to the stage (some during the middle of the night while the rest of us were sleeping) in support of the American auto industry, American-made products and supporting local business earn a world record title. If for some reason they do not qualify, it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends and neighbors. The event still found success in raising awareness and boosting spirits. If nothing else, perhaps one more person took a moment to think twice about how he or she spends an increasingly precious resource: money.

Good luck, folks.


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