The one where I have a temper tantrum

I’ve tried out our new digital edition of the Detroit Free Press, which will be the primary way to view the daily paper beginning Monday. Only on three days — Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays — will hard copies of the paper be delivered to my doorstep. The rest of the week involves placing my laptop on the table, amid coffee cups, cereal bowls and small children with sticky fingers.
The rest of my week looks like this:
It is user friendly, I’ll give it that. You just move the cursor over the face of the page to what story or feature you want to read, click, and the entire item is available on the right side of the screen.
Easy. Yes. No more jump pages. True.
However, I’m not really excited about this new technology. I’m not excited about having my laptop on the table.
What? Don’t read the paper at breakfast?
I have news for you, if I don’t get the news with my coffee and cereal, I’m not getting it until the sun sets. I am a stay at home mother. Do I need to put a finer point on it?
Laptops don’t fold, at least not into tidy rectangles or squares, so as not to offend other breakfasters gathered around the table. Laptops don’t dry in the sun or by a heating vent. Keyboards don’t work well with Rice Krispies jammed under the keys.
I’ve bitched about this before, when I learned the fate of my beloved Freep.

Won’t you allow me a quick, powerful, soul cleansing tantrum?



One more thing? If this somehow saves the paper and keeps folks employed, then it’s worth it.

OK. Bring on the news.

3 thoughts on “The one where I have a temper tantrum

  1. I laughed so hard at the “Shining” and “Strait-Jacket” movie posters, but the cat was priceless. I’m totally stealing them all for my next blog rant.

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