Be like a 3 year old


Go to bed early. Brush your teeth first. Read a few good books.
Rise early. Have a good breakfast.
Listen to your mother.
Take a nap if you are tired.
Share things with your friends.
Don’t take more than you can eat.
Find joy in the simple things.
Hug those you love.
Don’t be afraid to ask silly questions.

5 thoughts on “Be like a 3 year old

  1. I find myself frequently thinking, “now why don’t they make that in my size?” when I see kid’s clothing. They always have the best stuff – tops, tights, rainboots, umbrellas… I love your tips – the napping one is resonating with me quite a bit at the moment but I’ve already had my nap today (sigh).

  2. I love this list! I wish I could be better at going to bed earlier (hmmm…it’s 11:30 and my teething 9 month old will be crying out for me shortly no doubt), waking earlier (on my own accord, not because my teething baby or my toddler are crying out for me) and the last one. I think that is the one I need the most work at…I find myself worrying that a question is too stupid to ask…even in my “mature” adulthood. Thanks for these reminders. 🙂

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