A few of my favorite things — and a prize


I’m not a Fisher Price Little People character, but I play one on the Internet. In my fantasy life, I’d live in a dust-free dollhouse where I’d have control of all the game pieces. I’d have a perfect, plastic hairdo and a nice painted-on smile.
But, life isn’t a toy. It’s a game, for sure. And the rules? Most are not posted on the back of the box. You have to learn them the hard way.
Speaking of hard lessons, here are a few of my favorite posts. Some might make you laugh (even if they’re not supposed to be funny) and others might make you sad.

Life is like that, isn’t it? Not quite in your control, but it makes for good blog material.
Read on!

How Low Can You Go?
Scent of a Stay-at-Home-Woman
The Deer Hunter
Gender Issues
The L Word
Survival Skills

Thanks for visiting. This post is brought to you by Auds at Barking Mad, who is hosting a meet-and-greet kind of link fest. Stop by her site, check out the other participating bloggers and then peek into their worlds. Who knows, you may want to particpate yourself. Oh, and there’s a nice prize for one of the participants.
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