Last day of NaBloPoMo

Last day of NaBloPoMo



Thirty days ago I was in a Las Vegas hotel room. It was nearing midnight. I had a fever. Somehow all those elements came together and created a temporary insanity that made me decide to participate in National Blog Posting Month, affectionately known as NaBloPoMo.

When the fever broke and I found myself back home I had a few days of cursing my impulsive side. Thankfully I’m also a bit obsessive-compulsive. These elements worked together to guilt me into following through with my pledge of 30 posts in 30 days.

There were no repercussions if I failed.

Here I am 30 days later. A little bit of carpal tunnel, a dirtier house, a job search that has yet to commence, Halloween pumpkins still on display, but whatever. I have 30 blog posts in a row to brag about to ….. um … the homeless guy in front of the supermarket? 

Will I get a prize? A T-shirt? Maybe a nice badge to display on my site? Who knows. 

Here’s my take away on the experience:

Discipline: I wrote every day. 

Achievement: I set a goal and reached it.

Insight: Big decisions that impact your future should not be made in Las Vegas. 

Community: While I connected with a few new writers and found some useful groups, NaBloPoMo wasn’t the experience I thought it would be. Mea culpa? Possibly. I’m not sure I worked the community to full advantage. I found that writing every day got in the way of involvement. So many blogs, so little time to read them. 

In the end, I’m somehow a little bit better, a little more enriched for having taken this challenge. That’s worth more than a hotel room in Vegas.

4 thoughts on “NoMoPoMo

  1. You perfectly articulated my biggest problem with this…posting every single day, for the sake of posting every single day, left me with little time to comment on other’s blogs I enjoy – or even reach out to the new blogs I have a goal of finding each day – and becoming more involved.

    NaBloPoMo came at a weird time for me anyhow…right smack dab in the middle of a huge inner bloggy crisis. I’m trying to decide if I’m even going to continue with the blog anymore and deal with the crap that the blogosphere tends to dish out.

    Oi! If I could see any of my kitchen surfaces right now (the dust from all the sanding is UNREAL! I’m going to be cleaning for a month of Sundays!) I’d bake a NoMoe NaBloPoMo cake! Word!

    Congratulations! Job well done MZ…and gracefully and with interesting posts too! I wish I could say the same for myself.

  2. congrats. the thing that made me nuts about posting every day (and i had surgery during this whole thing, and i still posted. am i OCD? perhaps.) is that i didn’t get to read my fave reads, like yours. so now, i have to go back a month and start.

  3. I have always posted about six times a week, until this past few weeks, when I’ve been busy, sick, and distracted. Had I made a commitment like your I would either be in the hospital, crazy, or an ex-blogger. And my house is NOT terribly clean and I haven’t read any blogs — almost NONE! — in weeks. I suck. You rock.


    The Homeless Guy’s Charity Case

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