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Last night the husband and I joined a small group of writers, editors and photographers for a round of drinks at our local watering hole. After hoisting our mugs and toasting our friendship and better days ahead, we downed a bitter swig of reality.

On Dec. 1 our 106-year old enterprise will cease to exist. We couldn’t call it a death. More like pulling the plug on a ventilator. Still.

Moments earlier we had toured the shell of a once-bustling building. What was once filled with busy workers doing their part to get a paper on the street every day is now populated only with empty desks and packed boxes.

Husband and I have a lot of memories embedded in this place. It was our home away from home, our life.  It was that way for all who worked there. We were an extended family and this felt like a funeral for a dear friend.

As we  drank and ate and talked, we wondered what to do with the rest of our lives, since most present were headed for the unemployment line. We talked about how to update our analog careers to a digital world. Most of us are middle age and this is all we’ve done. Time to reinvent ourselves. We all knew it was coming, but it is quite another thing to stand at the edge of the grave as the casket is being lowered.

Anyone interested in what’s going on in the news industry can read more here:

3 thoughts on “Final edition

  1. This has to be heartbreaking. As much as I used to fancy myself an intrepid journalist, part of me is now glad I stuck with radio broadcast journalism, even though writing is where my real talent lies, instead of heading into the newspaper business.

    There is something inherently sad though about the death of small town papers. Our Saturday morning ritual around here consists of sitting around the table whilst the coffee drips, the bacon sizzles, and the Little Imp chatters in the background, all the while mine the hubby’s noses are buried in our small town paper.

    Whatever you do, don’t throw any dirt on the casket as it’s being lowered. Something tells me, at some point in time, there’s going to be an exhumation (did I spell that right?) of the body and you never know what one might find.

    You are such a talented writer though, that I think you could and WILL make a huge go of it somewhere else…even if it’s online! Hang in there MZ, you guys are in my thoughts!

  2. omg, i am so sorry to read this. several friends of mine are journalists, and while we’ve been hearing death knells for years, it is really, really happening now. its horrible for everyone – the people who lose jobs, the people who lose independent local media.

    i am so very sorry. i hope you hang in there.

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