How many wake-up calls does it take?

Who knew? Drinking excessive amounts of coffee, popping OTC cold pills and getting five hours of sleep aren’t a recipe for good health.

Sounds stupid, but it’s what I did to myself last month. It began with a simple request from the husband for me to look for work. It ended with a phone call from my doctor telling me I had pneumonia.

In between all that I stressed, panicked and over scheduled my life. And when you over schedule your life, it has way of getting the last laugh. Such as: Two days before a planned vacation, one of kids gets really sick, like emergency room sick.

My carefully planned itinerary for the next few days to prepare for this trip was thrown to the wind. We barely made it to the airport for our flight. For the next few days of our vacation, I felt so tired I drank excessive amounts of coffee to stay alert and active. Then I felt a cold coming on, so I loaded up on OTC medication to dull the symptoms. I didn’t want to ruin our trip so I didn’t rest. I willed myself to keep going, to play along with the plan and not be a buzz kill.

When it was time to head to the airport for our return flight, I was full-out sick and could barely put one foot in front of the other. I spent the whole flight home curled up in a ball of misery.

This cascade of events has led me to today: In a bit of a worry about my future and consciously applying the brakes to my high-speed/going nowhere life.

A week after my doctor’s visit, the doctor called me to see how I was doing. She said they’d looked at my chest X-ray again and decided there was a spot on my left lung that needed to be watched. Could I come back in a few weeks for a follow-up X-ray?

I contemplated this. I’m a former smoker; I quit 15 years ago. It sounds weird to say but I’m hoping the spot is pneumonia and not something else.

I’m not job hunting right now. I’m not finishing that painting project. I’m not cleaning the basement.¬†

I am taking it easy. I am hugging my girls a little bit longer. I’m trying not to worry. Really, I’m trying to just ¬†appreciate each moment. Two scares in one year are too many.

3 thoughts on “How many wake-up calls does it take?

  1. I have no real words of encourgement, wisdom, or comfort. However, please know that people who don’t even know you care about you and your life/family. It is a funny thing that blogging does, it provides a glimpse into someones life and somehow you start to care about them. With that said, please keep us posted on this “scare” as it will now be weighing on our minds as well as your.

    Take care of yourself!!

  2. This blog post could not have landed in my inbox at a better time (I’m a subscriber to your blog). I am sitting here on very little sleep trying to get some writing done while my daughter naps upstairs and thanks to your blog I am going to get off my computer and go sleep for an hour as soon as I finish this comment, so I will be less of a mom zombie when she wakes up. What’s that quote about ‘if you can’t be a good example be a cautionary tale’? …something like that, thank you mom zombie – this zombie is going to give herself a break. I’ll be watching my inbox for updates on your follow up x-ray and I’m sending good vibes your way for health and peace.

  3. Dear MZ, just remember that the Drs. always make a big deal out of everything. They’re scared of getting into trouble, so they go overboard. Bronchitus, pnuemonia, or just a respiratory infection can leave spots on the lung. The doctors have to err on the side of caution. I never listen to them.

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