Surprise visit

Winter paid a visit last night.

Did anyone around here see this coming? I’m guessing not because when I left the house at 6 a.m. the roads were slicked with ice. Nary a granule of salt on them.

While the commute to Girl from the West’s school was marked by above-mentioned icy roads, I was surrounded by maniacal drivers going well over the safe speed.¬†Fine, pass me, idiot, I yelled at the windshield. I’ll wave when I pass you crashed into retaining wall a few miles up the road. Ha! Who’s the big shot then, huh?

On the way back, however, when the roads seemed mostly clear of ice and the salt trucks had made their appointed rounds, suddenly everyone was now driving 5-10 mph. This is an annual head-scratcher for me. The first snow always brings out two things:

The reckless drivers who go way too fast, inevitably crash into someone or something and then clog up the expressways with their wreckage for hours, thereby messing up everyone’s commute.

The wide-eyed, both-hands-death-gripping-the-steering-wheel driver going significantly slower than necessary on the interstate because a few soft flakes are cascading earthward.

Needless to say, it is Michigan and snow is a natural part of the weather pattern in November. So, too, is the learning curve for snow and ice driving. We know this. It happens every year. Yet it never ceases to shock us.

1 thought on “Surprise visit

  1. Yikes. That’s a sight I hope we don’t see until January. But living in Maine, what do you think our chances of THAT are? Yeah, thought so.

    I saw your post and felt like cheering! Yayyy, day 10, she did it!

    This is pretty bad if we’re only 10 days into NaBloPoMo and having to cheer one another on at this point. *lol*

    The hubby leaves for 4 days tomorrow, and I’m running on fumes as it is. I have a post slated to go up tomorrow, and after that, I hope I get some sort of divine inspiration…because me alone with the toddler and no “me” time, it ain’t gonna be pretty!

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