Fleeting moment

Day Nine: The NaBloPoMo pup is yapping at my heels: Post! Post! Post!
I put him outside but the neighbors, trying to sleep in because it’s Sunday, knocked on my door and gave me “the look.”
I tried distracting him with rubber balls and chew toys.
Not working.
Weary, I open the cupboard, but the box of Daily Posts is empty.
Oh, no!
Oh, dear.
What am I supposed to feed this demanding little beast? I have a few snacks stashed away for desperation, but I can’t be there yet. It’s only Day Nine.
So, here you go you yapping pest: Here’s a pretty picture of a tree showing off its yellow coat.
That was Tuesday. Today it’s 44 degrees and windy. The trees have been stripped.
Twenty one more days to go.

2 thoughts on “Fleeting moment

  1. I *almost* said NoMoeNaBloMoPo! Between computer problems and a toddler, I just can’t get it together enough to keep up. But I’m hangin’ in there. I hope.

    BTW, I like your yellow tree. It’s nice to look at considering all of ours are nekkid. Nekkid trees means lots of raking to do! Uhg!

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