The holiday that wasn't

See this picture? This is Girl from the East. This is her pumpkin costume. She doesn’t like costumes.

Last Halloween, when she was almost-2, she let us put on her costume once for pictures. She then refused to have all its fussiness pulled over her head again. Period. So she went out on Halloween dressed all in black, wearing just the costume’s accessories: a headband and the soft slippers that went over her shoes. Thinking she was just too young for Halloween, we put away the costume for this year. Our almost-3-year-old would most certainly be fired up about Halloween this year, we reasoned.

Wrong. Again, she wore it once for this photo shoot and then refused to put it on again. Thinking maybe it was the costume, which is a bit much I’ll admit, I broke into a whicker chest of old costumes we have in our basement. She would not allow any of these get-ups on or near her body. No crowns or caps. No wings or wands. Nada. Zip.

Huh. So now I’m hoping for next Halloween. Surely an almost-4-year-old will have ideas about a costume, a desire to trick or treat for candy? I never experienced this with my older daughter, who was practically born wearing a Halloween costume with trick-or-treat basket in hand. Believe me, it was painful!

Any ideas?

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