Wheels of my logic go 'round and 'round

I went three months without a car. I dared myself to do it and I did it.

In concept, it was a great idea. We’d save money having only one car payment. Our insurance would shrink. We could shop around and save for the right new car at our leisure. And with gas prices at these rates, it seemed like an economical plan:

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In concept, I like to walk and to accomplish a lot of simple errands on foot rather than waste gas. In concept, I am a mature, rational adult.

In reality, going without a car for three months had its drawbacks. While I did tone my legs and get a lot of sun, I somehow equated these things with full-out exercise.

In reality, by the time I got my butt back into the driver’s seat, it had actually expanded. Turns out with my 40-something metabolism, one hour of brisk walking a day did nothing to burn the robust intake of food I preceeded and followed each walk with.

In reality, our only car — my husband’s work car and my back-up when needed — was totaled a week after the one-car program was enacted. Thereby voiding the whole deal of paying off Car A and saving for Car B.

In reality, all my bragging about shopping, running errands and meeting friends via walking all summer was no match for all the complaining I did at home.  Just ask the husband, who practically ran to the dealership in September to pick out a second car to shut me the hell up already.

In reality, when you are car-less, you are a pain the ass to everyone who wants to make plans with you. All the logistics of offered rides or asked-for rides, gas money reimbursement, guilt and/or refusal of rides leads to awkwardness. Enough said.

In concept, there are enough alternative methods of getting around without a car.

In reality, not in “The Motor City” which is laid out and designed with car ownership in mind.

In conclusion, absurd as it sounds, I now have a gym membership. I drive to the gym. To lose the weight I gained when I didn’t have a car. I got rid of the car to save money and get in shape. Neither of those things happened.

End of story.

3 thoughts on “Wheels of my logic go 'round and 'round

  1. I knonw MZ! Same thing is happening here after the age of 40. Everything is expanding. If I go walking, I just get wider and stronger.
    Around here, I would have to walk for hours to get anywhere. By the time I got there I would look like the incredible Hulk. Have fun in the new car!

  2. same boat here- one car dead, the other in the shop, car-pooling in a loaner w/ a 3 year old. argh!

    Me: just buy a car- a beater, a toyota, an oscar meyer-mobile… I don’t care.
    Him: blah blah blah, consumer reports, gas mileage, car and driver, blah, blah, blah

    Me: but we need groceries, and I have a doctor’s appointment and I’m 7 months pregnant and crabby!

    Him: oh, we’ll just “swing by” on our way home from work.

    So we get home every night at almost 7:00 w/ a cranky, hungry kid, a crabby mama and a frustrated papa.

    stress works as a weight loss technique when there is no food in the house and you are too lazy to walk to the store!

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