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Two things have me fired up today:
One, I participated in a campaign survey by phone the other night in which the caller spoke in a very thick accent. So much so that I could barely understand her questions. On top of that, the static on the line was so pronounced I imagined a frayed wire stretching from my home in the Midwest all the way across the Pacific Ocean to the country to which this work was outsourced. Please tell me I’m wrong about this. Disturbing to say the least.

Two, while strolling the booths at our city’s final art festival of the season last weekend,  a pre-teen boy with a clipboard approached me, asking in earnest: “Would you like to volunteer for Obama?”

I set down my iced tea and grabbed the clipboard to give the flier a cursory glance. Then I gave him the most honest answer I could: “I’d love to but I just can’t. Really. I wish I could.”

As our group moved on, I felt my face grow hot. What kind of lame-ass answer was that?

“You know, I’m just not a knock-on-doors kind of person,” I said to my friend and her college-aged son.

We all nodded in silent agreement and pressed on through the crowds. But it’s been bugging me ever since. I know how much this election year has been bothering me, gnawing at my conscience and worrying me.  

So it is with an odd sort of kismet that I found this today.  Read this post.  If you are enlightened, pass it on.

5 thoughts on “Blog for change

  1. I’m right there with you on the knocking on doors thing. I hate it! How about an easier solution? Every campaign team has a wish list of things they need to keep working: pens, water bottles, printing paper, clip boards, snacks, etc. You could always drop off some supplies to your local team!

    Thank you for spreading the word!

  2. Glad that you are spreading the word. I’m with you. Been putting off getting involved other than text messages constantly remindind people to register to vote, but I want to do more. Thanks for this. I’ll surely repost it.

  3. I’m a believer in fate and I think certain things happen for a reason. Every time I’ve thrown a question out there about this election, something has appeared before me in the form of a suggestion or an answer. Yesterday, as I was contemplating a search to find our local volunteer coordinator, I took a walk that led me straight to the newly opened Obama volunteer office, just blocks from my house. How weird is that? Naturally I went in and signed up. My late father would be proud. He had me volunteering at the local Democratic HQ as soon as I was of voting age. Of course, that was the LAST time I did such a thing until now.

  4. Well, it all seems a little bit too Rev. Moon to me. I mean I get edgy when someone ones wants me to join a political team. With the campaign millions, well, seems like they could get the job done without me. I don’t care who’s running and what they’re running to or from. I just want to vote and the sooner the better. As CCR used to say, “I ain’t no senator’s son.” or ‘daughter’ in this case. Poetic license.

  5. Maybe I drank some Kool-Aid, some funny bug-juice (as someone I knew once said) but whatever the reason I feel compelled to DO something.

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