Deep cuts

Hey! Who is this? Why it’s me, MomZombie, circa 1978. I found this picture in an old, brittle photo album from my childhood. I cut my best pal a break and cropped her right out of this nightmare. She looked better than I did, but in both of our cases that isn’t saying much.
See my cool, David Cassidy inspired puka shell necklace? All the rage back then. I’m sure mine was a plastic knockoff since our family hadn’t recently traveled to Hawaii.
See my skinny bod? Where did that go? I think it’s been in hiding since my mid-20s when I discovered food. And beer. And wine. And chocolate. I didn’t eat much as a child. Don’t remember why.
See the shocking haircut? Freshly shorn for ninth grade, which was due to begin a day or two after this picture was taken. I think I rode my sparkly gold 10-speed up to the local salon and ordered a Dorothy Hamill, straight up. Just a few days earlier, I had hair past my shoulders. I think I wanted to look older.
Seems that the elderly man across the street wasn’t buying any of that nonsense. He thought I was a young man. He always shouted at me as I walked or rode by, “Hey, sonny. How about you cut my grass?”

5 thoughts on “Deep cuts

  1. MZ! that’s an adorable picture. I was a Cassidy fan too. I like the Dorothy haircut and the necklace. 1978 was a great year for hair. I had a long perm, like Peter Frampton. The only reason that my neighbor didn’t think that I was a boy was because I was heavily padded and had a boyfriend. Well he may have thought that we were 2 gay boys. I’m not sure.

  2. ALJ: Peter Frampton hair? I wish. I grew my hair out after this cut and never cut it short again until the ’90s when I got a “shag-adelic” short cut. My husband told me: Don’t do that again, OK?
    Wreke:I hate ’70s glasses. I tried on a pair of the ultra big shades in the stores now and I think I look like I’ve been wearing the shades SINCE the ’70s. Retro styles only seem to look good on the young.
    Jyl: So true. I hated my body back then. I’d kill for it now. Padding and curves are overrated.

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