Spin wheel, spin

It’s the last week of summer vacation, folks. Time to panic.

What? You are relaxing? Sipping iced tea on the veranda? Lucky you. I’m guessing you had the sense to schedule hair cuts and dental appointments and shop back-to-school sales well in advance of this week.

Me? I’m guzzling coffee, heck, pouring beans straight down my gullet and spitting out the pieces. I’m well on my way to a panic attack. Here’s a recent picture:

I’ve been driving all over the city like a woman who hasn’t been behind the wheel of a car in two months. (True.) And I’ve been conducting my life like someone who doesn’t have an appointment book or a phone or two children, one of whom starts high school next week.

It must be that.
The mark of time marching forward in the parenting continuum. I am now entering the unknown territory of the high school years. It’s melted my brain entirely. I have goop in my skull and it’s leaking out at a rapid rate. Soon my head will be filled with cobwebs. And then how will I find my way around to make up the forgotten doctor’s appointment, the missed orthodontic check-up, work my way through the 20-plus pages of Super-Duper Important Stuff to Know and Pay For before Sept. 2?

Spin wheel, spin.

2 thoughts on “Spin wheel, spin

  1. hell, i *just* bought hellboy new sneaks. since his last pair, he went up an entire size. (school starts tues.) i haven’t yet bought thermoses (thermi?), and i’m so far behind, i think i’m first.

    and i’m just wrestling two now in elementary school. can only wonder about the joys of HS… gah.

  2. I do feel like a gerbil on a wheel some days. Some days I jump off the wheel for a few minutes, then life forces me back on that wheel. One of these days…I’m going to refuse, well, probably not. I need to do my domestics, again.

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