Well what the …?

This is a short post to make note of the fact that at one time in my life I was an independent woman. I worked, I supported myself, I did my own household repairs and dammit, I was proud of my independence.
Then, it happened, as it always does in my life, I meet a guy and just down a whole bottle of stupid pills and chase it with a shot of foolishness.
Little by little I start depending on Mr. Husband to fix this and handle that and pretty soon, I’m left twisting in the wind when he up and goes on a weeklong business junket.
Case in point: I lost my Internet connection two days ago. In fact, the whole computer went haywire. I couldn’t get the scanner to work, the printer was flashing odd messages and I crumpled in a heap on the floor, tangled in wires and cussing up a storm.
Today I tried something different, ’cause this just burned me up to no end that I couldn’t figure it out. And, I did it! Not only did I solve the problem, I also restored my dignity.
Just don’t tell anyone how I confused a tube of cortisone cream for toothpaste the other day …

2 thoughts on “Well what the …?

  1. Cortisone cream for toothpaste…welcome to my world. Yes, I know. My computer melted. I was too stubborn to ask for help in re-installing everything. It took a week and lots of tech support. One of the slightly chauvinistic guys at the office offered to help me (cause I’m a woman, I guess) I refused. That was all that it took to motivate me.
    Keep on kicking it Momzombie.

  2. You are an inspiration! I like to crumple to the floor in a heap and cry over pretty much everything (though it gets me exactly NOWHERE). Maybe I’ll learn to fix something this week . . .

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