What part of gay don't you understand?

Recent conversation with person of older generation regarding behavior patterns of the younger generation, as moderated by a middle-aged zombie:

Me: Girl from the West has a gay friend. I think that’s great that kids today can be out and open.
Older: Gay friend? She has a gay girlfriend??? (Subtext: Are you telling me your child is GAY????!!!!)
Me: No. I said: She has a gay friend. It’s a guy.
Older: Ohhh, they’re dating. Do you allow her to date?
Me: No. They are friends. He is gay. That means he is not interested in girls.
Older: Then why are they friends?

Trying a new tack, I steer the conversation toward my middle school days. I say that back then kids were beaten to a bloody pulp in the alley if they were even suspected of being gay. It was one of the ultimate social taboos, next to being poor. I told of a high school classmate who committed suicide when he came out to family and friends and was subsequently rejected. It broke my heart.

I told her I live in a predominantly gay community, have many gay friends and neighbors, although I do not refer to them as that or introduce them as such. I’m merely using the label to make a point. I raise my children to judge people by their actions, not their race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

I’m met with a long silence.

Older: Oh, so that’s why you don’t send her to school here.

Hear that noise? That’s me bashing my skull against a brick wall.

3 thoughts on “What part of gay don't you understand?

  1. I have a friend (male) that is gay. I’m very protective of him around people, especially men that are phobic or hateful. I think that the gay issue is a very sensitive issue and one that I’m not qualified to figure. I don’t understand it, but it’s not my job.
    Great thought provoking post, MomZombie.

  2. I have had several gay friends and one ex-boyfriend who came out a few years later. Makes no difference to me, but as far as older generations go, it’s so hard to turn a very large ship around in a current, you know?

    Also, my walls are divoted for similar reasons and my forehead is largely flat now.

  3. As a gay boy,ım proud that ım gay,ı got no regret about it ım not into what the norrow mindeds think about me.ım living in my world that ı have created and doors of it all closed for fuckin jerks..

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