My little spy robot

Well, it happened again. A comment so stupid and pointless I couldn’t resist sharing it here.

Husband guy and I were at a place of business (keeping it vague to protect the guilty) where we have known the owner/operator for many years. We thought this sort of thing wouldn’t happen there.

The subject of Girl from the East came up along with the usual bouquet of questions: How old was she when you got her? Did she understand English? Etc.

Then, Mr. Business Owner’s questions turned bizarre.

He said: I wonder if these children coming from Communist countries are put out there for us to take home so that they can place spies within our population that will eventually report back to them?

Yes! This is the true purpose of inter-country adoption. In fact, it was one of our first questions for the adoption agency.

We are still trying to figure out how to reboot her when she crashes.

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